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Weekly Token Hunt

Hunt for DOW Tokens Weekly ~ Get Bonus Samplers!

New Terms and Instructions:

  • Each Friday, we post 4 new Designers of the Week (DOW).  Each DOW store has the Token image above shown on one of their store pages. To qualify for the Token bonus sampler, follow the steps below:
  • You must be logged in to participate.  If you are not registered yet, Register now.  If you are already registered, click MY PROFILE in the red menu bar to log in.  If you are on a small device, click the 3 white lines first.    
  • Once you are logged in, start on our Current Specials page.  The 4 featured DOW stores are listed at the top of the page.
  • Click one of the DOW images.  This takes you to that store's index page. 
  • Click the images on the index page, one by one. Look through the pages until you find the Token image shown above.  Don't give up, the Token is on one of the pages in each DOW store (4 Tokens each week).
  • When you find a Token, click the image.  The system keeps track for you and tells you when all 4 Tokens have been found. 
  • Now go shopping!  To qualify for the Token Hunt bonus sampler, an order of $10 must be placed during the week you find the 4 tokens (Week = Friday through Thursday. New DOWs are posted every Friday). When you have spent $10 during the week and found all 4 tokens, the system tells you to choose a Token Bonus Sampler (8 fantastic new designs)!  The sampler is available immediately. INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD your new sampler!  It is also available any time you need to redownload.
  • Have questions?  Contact Us.

  • NOTE:  The $10 purchase for the Token Hunt applies to the Token program only.  It does not apply toward additional free w/purchase samplers.  Bonus Samplers which are free with each $25 purchase are available for instant download now.  Orders can be combined to reach the $25 mark.  Larger orders qualify for more samplers... $25 = 1 sampler, $50 = 2 samplers, etc...

    Hunt again every week for more bonus samplers!
    NEW Designers of the Week Tokens added every Friday!
    NEW Bonus Samplers added every Wednesday!
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