Here is the procedure:

Thank you for your interest in selling your embroidery designs through The OPW Mall website. We have been online for nearly 20 years now and pride ourselves in offering top notch embroidery designs and personalized customer service. We are always on the lookout for designers who do high quality manually digitized designs.

First, we would like to see your work and find out more about you. Upload 10 or more sample designs. If you do different types of designs, give us a sample of each of the different types. We use these for testing purposes only and will delete them after testing. Once we have the chance to test your work, we will contact you with our recommendations.

Here are the files we need for each sample design:

1. High quality 600 pixel jpg (a stitch out image is preferred).
2. PES format file.
3. Color chart.
4. If it is a project or requires further instructions, include those files too.

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