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How to create a profile

NOTE:  When you create an account on our new site, all of your order history from the old system is available in Order History on the new site.  If you placed previous orders with different email addresses, contact us.  Tell us your current email address and all previous ones.  We will update your order history to your current email address.  You will be able to download your designs and change formats on the Order History page.

To log into your profile (after you create the new account), follow these steps:


2.  Type in your email address and  password  into the text fields.

3.  Click SUBMIT button.

4.  Once you are logged in, to see your Order History, click MENU > HI [your name] > ORDER HISTORY.

To create an account for the first time, follow these steps:


2.  Fill out all fields.

3.  Fill out the captcha text field and click the submit button.

  • Choose Country
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Phone
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Select State
  • Zip Code
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Choose if you wish to receive newsletters.

If you have already filled out the Create Account form, but cannot log in:

1.  Try again to make sure there are no spaces or typos.  Click MENU > MY PROFILE > LOGIN.  Type your email address and password  into the text boxes, type in the captcha text and click the submit button. 

2.  If you get an error message, first go to your email program and send a test email to support@oregonpatchworks.com.  This will put us in your address book, so you can receive a password reset token email.  

3.  Go back to the LOGIN screen and click Forgot your password?  On the Forgot Password page, type in the email address you registered with and click the submit button.

4.  Check your email box for an email that says Reset Password Token in the subject line.  If you don't find it, check your junk mailbox. (If you still don't find it, contact us).

5.  Open the email and copy the token number. Click the link in the email, which takes you back to the Reset Password page.  

6.  On Reset Password page, in the first text box, paste the token number.  Then type in a new password and type it again to confirm the password and click the submit button.

7.  Now your password is changed to the new one and you will be redirected to the LOGIN page.

8.  Type in your email address and new password.  Click the submit button.  

9.  Now you will see Hi (your name) in the MENU.  Click it and see ORDER HISTORY.

If you run into any issues or have additional questions, just let us know, we are here to help you.
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