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Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are always happy to do what we can to ensure you a pleasant shopping experience. We are human and sometimes make mistakes, but just let us know and we'll correct them promptly.


All embroidery designs, images and clipart at OPW Mall are copyright protected. Read complete copyright statement HERE


If any problem arises or you have questions, feel free to contact us. Please allow 48 hours for us to process your inquiry. For immediate assistance, use the Live Chat during business hours or send us an after hours message through chat.


Create your profile (MENU > MY PROFILE > CREATE ACCOUNT) or if you already have done this, log into your profile (MENU > MY PROFILE > LOGIN). Shop for embroidery designs and checkout. Go to your order history page to download (MENU > HI [your name] > ORDER HISTORY). If you do not see the recent order, clear your temp files cache and refresh your page. If you do not see previous orders in history, tell us what emails you used previously, so we can connect your history to your current email address.


In addition to downloading your files, you can also request a backup CD of USB drive, with up to 15 collections on each personalized backup (fee applies). The backup CD or USB buy buttons are on the shopping cart page. Embroidery Thread is shipped after payment has been made for actual shipping charges (charged separately). Please allow up to 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Downloadable Electronically Transmitted Products: Due to the electronic nature of our digitized designs and software, refunds are not issued on downloadable products. However, replacements and credits are gladly issued in the case of corrupted files or if there is a problem from our end. Shipped software purchases are final. All other problems will be handled on an individual basis. *

* Shipped Products: If order is cancelled before shipment, there is a 20% reversal charge to reprocess and refund the transaction.

Double Orders: When you log in before shopping, the system will tell you if you have previously ordered items. If you have previously ordered a product from us and accidently double ordered before this feature was available, we will gladly credit you the full amount paid for other designs (from the same designer) or issue a refund to your payment source MINUS a $2 fee or 3% of the total, whichever is greater. Refunds are only offered the same month as the double order, after that, credits\ will be issued only.

If shipped product purchased is damaged upon receipt, re-shipment will be implemented upon return of damaged goods. In case of dissatisfaction of a received product that is not damaged, credit of equal value minus 20% restocking fee will be issued with return of goods in original undamaged condition. All postage is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Silver Threads Golden Needles Subscriptions: Payments are reoccurring for the STGN club. Cancellations must be received and confirmed by us before the next payment date to avoid additional charges. If we receive notice of cancellation after the next payment has been processed, there is a 20% reversal charge in order to reimburse the payment.


All embroidery designer stores at OPW Mall offer their own special offers. If more than one special is listed for one product, the one that gives you the best price will be honored. ONE special applies per product unless specifically stated otherwise, regardless of whether more than one special are listed.

Exception: Bonus Sampler Points are tallied on total dollar amount of your embroidery purchases from ALL the stores at the mall, therefore, embroidery designs purchased on special will also give you the additional bonus points. The Bonus Samplers can be viewed HERE and must be requested by buyer, they are not automatically sent until after they are requested. Please allow 48 hours for processing the bonus sampler order, then check your order history for the download link. Bonus Sampler Points are not issued on STGN Club memberships.


All effort is made to only display accurate and current information on the website and in advertising. In the event of typo errors or unintentional misinformation, we reserve the right to default to the actual intended information, without penalty.