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Sewing Savvy

Read Please:  These tips are original and exclusive to OPW Mall.  Feel free to use them for your personal embroidering and quilting needs, however, it is strictly prohibited to publish them without permission.

Watch for new tips as they are added to the top of this list.

When sewing hems on t-shirts and jersey material,  I like to use a double needle.  Thread your machine according to your machines directions for using a double needle.  Press your hem and stitch on the right side of fabric.  Not only does this double run of stitching look nice, it will allow a little bit of stretch to the hem.

When making binding that is a solid color, mark one end of the binding with a marker pen before you cut it into strips.  This can be your right side of fabric or the wrong side, you just need to remember :)  By marking your binding, it will be easier to stitch together and not twist or reverse the pieces.  This is very helpful on large runs of binding.

When you make a quilt, your 1/4" seams are very important.  If you are not using a 1/4" foot as a guide, you can easily check your measurement with your sewing foot by placing a piece of 1/4" graph paper under your pressure foot.  Make sure that the needle comes down in the predrawn line.  You can now easily see where the 1/4" seam allowance lines up with your foot.  You can mark your machine with tape as a guide for the 1/4".  Your blocks will come together so much easier when you are sewing an exact 1/4" seam allowance. 

We all run out of things sometimes when sewing.  If you are sewing jersey and do not have any bias tape for the shoulders.  Cut a thin strip of cutaway stabilizer and sew this into your shoulder.  It will help your new jersey maintain its shoulder shape without over stretching.
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