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Tired of using the same designs in the same old way?  The next time you're heading for the store, take along a notepad and take notes on how they are using embroidery.  Catalogs are another great source for ideas of new ways to combine colors and outlines to create a whole new feel with the same design.  Keep an eye out for designs at the hem that relate to the designs closer to the neckline.  New ways to use the same designs make the designs in your stash more valuable.

It's important, when shopping for designs, to take the time to consider the multitude of ways the designs could be used when deciding its true value.  Can the colors be changed to alter the mood?  Bright, primary colors changed to pastels can make a design meant for an older child just adorable for an infant.  The black and orange Halloween design can become Americana red and blue for the 4th of July.  Practice seeing what isn't there each time that you shop.

When shopping for designs, or when choosing them from your designs files, don't just see them as presented by the designer!  You can change season or style of the design by simply dreaming up your own color scheme.  To save money on designs, choose those that will suit more than one project, theme or age group.

Some of the best inspiration for embroidery or shopping can come from a simple trip to your closest clothing store.  Keep a little notebook handy and take great notes on how they are using trims in combination with embroidery for a professional finish.  You can even use less gas if you let your fingers do the shopping all around the internet, giving "window shopping" a whole new meaning as you check out children's boutiques, women’s' couture, and high end home decor around the world.

Catalogs can be the greatest place for inspiration on new ways to use your embroidery.  They show coordinated designs and placement ideas for clothing, gifts and decorative items.  Look at your catalogs as an invaluable source of inspiration.
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