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Welcome Embroidery Friend!

The Project Inspiration Gallery is here to give you new ideas and show you what other people are creating. We'd like to invite you to share your embroidered projects you have created using designs from the awesome designers at the OPW Mall. Then invite your friends and family to come view the projects and give their feedback on your projects! Each month, we award Blue Ribbons, based on feedback, which means BONUS PRIZES for the prize winners!

How do I get my project published in the gallery?

It's EASY! Just fill out the form below and submit it. If you have more than one project to submit, submit a new form for each project. Include large, high quality images which have good definition (300 dpi or higher resolution). Give us as much detail as possible and describe your experience, both challenges and joys! If we need additional information, we will contact you before publishing.

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