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Hide Description Show Description EO710-A Moment of Privacy Please-BW Please enjoy this fun set of animals having a bubble bath. These patterns will decorate any project you choose. They would be great on any nursery project, adorable on baby bath items as well as on towels or quilts, pillows, blankets, pillow casings, aprons, placemats, as well as clothing, and nursery items, about anything you choose. Please remember to stabilize and hoop well as they all have some fun fancy fills and some are very large patterns. I would love a photo of your finished projects using any of my patterns. Please help yourself to the free sample 4x4 pattern. The other sizes are included in the full set. The Pennywork set (1 colour designs) is available under EO711-A Moment of Privacy Please I would love a photo to see how you have used these fun patterns. The colour choices on the sheet are from the brothers extended list but the actual sew-out colours are your choice. Thanks, and Enjoy, Beryl
A Moment of Privacy Please-BW
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