Hide Description Show Description Here is a delightful funny Alien set for you. This would be so cute made up into a quilt and I added a label pattern so you could add your child-s name on the quilt and - or use it for your label. These would be adorable for articles of clothing, children-s projects, or any project you had in mind. They can be added to any project you are working on. The fully filled in larger patterns would be great on a wall hanging, on a Kite or banner. The photos are of the actual sewouts. Please remember to hoop and stabilize well as some of these patterns are very large with fills. The colour choices on the sheet are from the brothers extended list but the actual sew-out colours are your choice. Please remember to hoop and stabilize well, the fully filled in patterns are quite intense so make sure you use plenty of stabilizer. stitch count for 4x4 is between 7530 and 13786 – 5x7 is between 18969 and 30016 – 6x10 is between 27779 and 48424 – 8x12 is between 43458 and 65330 actual count is listed on the colour sheet for each pattern and can be found in the sample download 4x4 pattern. Please help yourself to the free 4x4 design, the other sizes are included in the set. I would love a photo of your finished projects using any of my designs. The jump free Penny work set is available under EO529 Alien in Our Midst Blackwork Enjoy, Beryl
Alien in Our Midst
WAS $35.00,  NOW $14.00