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I love the idea of photo frames that are layered, so, after playing with pencil crayons and felt tip pens, I drew up my draft version of this Contour Tree Scenery Hanger. As I started digitizing my artwork, the idea came to life and once it was digitized, I couldn’t wait to see it stitched out and put together!
The hanger consists of 12 pieces. Each piece is made entirely in the hoop and that includes the backing of each piece.. A little whip stitch is needed to close the opening. You probably could use steam a seam to close the opening if you don’t like hand sewing. 
The design is done using a contour stitch effect. Some areas overlay each other to create additional shading and texture. There are open spaces between the stitching. This is part of the design and the use of white fabric gives the best result. The frame on each piece is done in applique using a faux suede fabric.
Once all the pieces are made, a little machine sewing is needed to join the pieces together. I used a clear nylon thread (invisible thread) to join my pieces together. 

Contour Tree Scenery Hanger
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