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Hide Description Show Description On intro for $35 until June 21, 2021, then $40. The 12 main quilt blocks have been created for 200mm x 200mm hoops. For those with larger hoops the blocks come with 260mm x 260mm frames. These frames are available separately, so it is possible to combine them with any of the blocks. I have also included one side of each 8 of the frames for those who do not have the extra wide hoops. With some careful positioning these can be embroidered around the blocks. A slightly different version of each side is also included as the perfect panel for borders. Due to the complexity of colour within the original elements of the Jacobean Sampler collection, I have changed some colours to reduce the number of thread changes and to give some uniformity throughout so the blocks can be used to create an interesting and colourful quilt. The accompanying 70 page PDF includes instructions on two methods of quilting these designs in the hoop. Scroll down to see photos of stitch outs
INTRO PRICED: Jacobean Sampler Quilt Blocks
PDF $35.00  
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