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Hide Description Show Description This collection, named after my eldest daughter, has been designed to be perfect for all your bridal embroidery needs including embroidery on tulle, so it is perfect for embroidered bridal veils. Due to the special way I have digitised the designs they will stitch out on sheer fabrics if you use a good quality wash away stabiliser. You will get a slightly different look as tulle cannot support every stitch in the same way that ordinary fabrics do. For these special designs which will stitch out on sheer and ordinary fabrics, I have chosen subtle shades of white, ivory and cream with a hint of colour. If the whole design was stitched out in one colour some of the depth would be lost, so I suggest using several very similar shades as I have done. Substitute the darker colours with some of the other colours listed in the accompanying PDF or if embroidering for a wedding you may like to pick out the colours used for the flowers or bridesmaids dresses.
Rachel Kathryn Monograms
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