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This mega-set is reduced to $30 during May 2024. The regular price is $55. If you buy each set which is included in the value set separately, you pay much more. 

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Hide Description Show Description I love browsing photos of antique garments with embroidery and white work particularly those from the nineteenth century. They have been the source of inspiration for this collection. The special garments worn by babies were an indication of wealth, the more embroidery the more wealthy the parents. It was expensive to have intricately embroidered garments and were not necessarily worn just for Christenings. However even more intriguing is that the fashions worn by the babies mothers reflected the same styles, so consider creating some beautiful embroidery for your own clothes.

These designs can be used successfully on sheer fabric like cotton net to create beautiful lace. The larger designs are not available in HUS, JEF and VIP formats so check your hoop sizes against the PDFs.

Regency Whispers Value Collection
PDF $55  
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