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You will enjoy the fabulous, authentic batik fabric we carry. It is all crafted in the traditional stamp and wax techniques on high quality 100% cotton fabric. Our batiks are designed and distributed in the USA and crafted by the designer's friends and family members in Indonesia.

INSTRUCTIONS: Buy buttons not available yet. As you shop, make a list (Example: Boardwalk BW590 - 2 yds). Add your name, address, email and phone and send it to We will send you an invoice, which includes shipping (varies per destination, actual shipping only charged).

REGULAR PRICE: $12 per yard, minimum 1/2 yd. cuts. Custom cuts (FQ, Layer cake, Jelly roll, Charm pack, Triangle, etc) are available upon request. Contact us for the price list.

LIVE SHOWS: Register now for Batik Fabric Sale every Tuesday, 4pm Pacific time on FACE BOOK.

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