Click here for 1000's of machine embroidery designs!


Here is the procedure:

Email us 10 or more sample designs. If you do different types of designs, give us a sample of each of the different types. We use these for testing purposes only and will delete them after testing.

Here are the files we need for each sample design:

1. The jpg you will be using for display on the site.
2. Pes files
3. Color chart
4. If it is a project or requires further instructions, include those files.

Tell us about yourself:

1. How long have you digitized?
2. What software do you use?
3. What machine(s) are the designs tested on?
4. Where do you live?
5. What are your goals?
6. What else would you would like to share with us?

We will send you an email, letting you know we have received your application. Once we test the designs, we will get back to you with our recommendations. We look forward to seeing what you do! Thank you.

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