Hide Description Show Description Sized for the 5x7 and 6x9 and larger hoops, stitch a beautiful old-fashioned flower design to help inspire someone special. It can be stitched with or without the saying. Artwork used for these designs courtesy of Delightful Doodles, http://www.delightfuldoodles.com , used with permission.

Because of the large size of these designs, not all formats were able to convert and keep the original sizes. ART format only contains the 5x7 version of the design and HUS format for the two larger designs is slightly smaller than the originals.

Size info: Country Garden Charm 5x7: 4.80x7.06 inches (all formats) 22,982 stitches

Country Garden Charm 6x9: 6.17x9.07 inches (all formats *except* .hus) .hus format: 5.91x8.69 inches 35,984 stitches

Country Garden Charm 6x9 – With Saying: 6.29x9.06 inches (all formats *except* .hus) .hus format: 5.91x8.50 inches 39,736 stitches

Country Garden Charm