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Hide Description Show Description This set of different sea tortoises was stitched out on ...1 x stabilizer, 1 x batting, 1 x gold lycra, 1x white chiffon or organza to give this look on this designs.

1. On the seaworld set I hooped 80gr cut away Stabilizer.
2. I placed a quilters batting on the stabilizer...Note: Only the stabilizer is hooped. All the other layers are floated. It means that it is lying loose on the stabilizer but I do use 505 adhesive embroidery spray to secure every layer.
3. On top of the batting I placed a piece of copper Lycra fabric.
4. On top of the lycra a piece of chiffon was placed...all these layers to be secured with adhesive spray.....
5. After this you just stitch the design....the background I stitched with variegated thread and the tortoise itself with normal white ...No applique was used in these designs....Very easy...the uniqueness lies in the fabric used.