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This collection of bridal designs features lace type embroideries that are suitable for bridal and heirloom work on ordinary fabrics and also on sheer fabrics like tulle. As well as the usual Outline alignment stitches (OAS) extra ones, inside the designs as well, can be stitched so the elements flow together nicely. I suggest a light colour for this. You can of course, opt not to stitch these out. Ordinary Outline alignment stitches are included too for accurate placement.

The 3 largest flowers in the collection can be given inner dimensional petals, prepared on sheer fabric in advance. The dimensional petals come in various sizes so several layers can be added and then secured in place by the flower centres. All sets included the dimensional petals which can be given a metallic edging.

These very large designs contain some borders and panels along with some lace edgings. I have created a few designs suitable for corners and a beautiful scalloped neckline design. 3 designs in this set have a lace version, indicated by an L at the end of the file name. Stitched on sheer fabric like tulle and have fewer jump stitches these designs may vary slightly from their ordinary version. Be aware that they are NOT free-standing lace! I have created these with a touch of colour in the centres of the flowers.

Full instructions on creating the dimensional flowers are included in the accompaying PDF along with guidance on their use. A seperate PDF explains how many of the designs throughout the collection work well together.
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