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The information below will answer most of your questions and we encourage you to read through it.  If you want to jump right in and see the free designs, just scroll down to the store links and click each one.  There is a banner at the top of the store pages, which tells you the names of the sets.  Click the banners to view the giveaway sets.

Is this something new?  How does it work?

Yes, this is a time-limited offer.  Below are 39 designers who have each chosen a FREE COLLECTION for you that is  valued at $20 or more.  You get the set when you order $25 or more from their shops during the next 12 days.  That's 39 FREE BONUS SETS for shopping now!

What about the special offers and samplers at those shops?

The 12 Days of Giveaway Bonus Designs are an additional BONUS!  You still get the discounts offered and the sampler points for more great designs!

Does the order have to be from one designer?

You can order from several designers at once, but in order to get a designer's free collection offer, the total from their shop must be $25 or more ($25 paid after all discounts have applied).  If you want more than one free set, simply add designs from the other designers as well.  You can order from as many shops as you like.

Do I have to order the designs all in one order?  Can I split the amount for one designer into more than one order?

You do not have to order them all in one order.  You can combine your orders from now until December 15 to reach the goal amount of $25.  But you will need to keep track and contact us by December 15.  We don't automatically keep track for you.

How do I get the free sets?  Do I add them to my cart?

No, do NOT put the free sets in your cart.  Just add the sets you are ordering which bring the total for each store to $25 or more for each store you want the free set from.  Then check out.  We are monitoring the orders and will set up your free set, when your order qualifies for it.  Give us 24-48 hours to process it.  If you don't see it in your order history by then, let us know.

What if I need help?

We are a chat, email or phone call away!  Just contact us, we are glad to assist you in any way.